Welcome to KP Carpentry, LLC

You’ve found KP Carpentry, LLC: Your family carpenter, serving Milwaukee and the surrounding areas

Ken began working as a carpenter’s apprentice in 2003. After spending four years in carpentry school working for a general contractor doing major rebuilds and new buildings, he branched out and joined another leading company to construct a 10-story apartment complex. During his tenure with the company, Ken’s expertise in concrete work solidified, working on a two-story parking garage and an eight-story apartment building.

Ken returned to his original employer for the next seven years, remodeling many churches and historic buildings during the down economy. It was during this time when he also worked on many new building projects, including medical clinics and schools. He sharpened his finish work (cabinets, countertops, doors, etc.) skills as his employer moved in that direction and away from full remodels. Ken also sought out side jobs and rediscovered the joys of full rebuilds.

In 2012, Ken decided to start his own carpentry business, where his nearly 10 years of experience and passion for the job come together to work for you at a reasonable cost.



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